Come join us!

March 21, 2020 | Boise State University

Come join us for Boise's #1 software developer event. Boise Code Camp is a free event for developers, hardware geeks, and the curious to come and learn from their peers. We'll even have free lunch! Interested? Learn more about Code Camp! And don't get lost the day of the event—read up on where we'll be.

Don't like long lines at registration? Neither do we! For speed and convenience we're handling registration online. Don't forget to bring your ticket to the event.

When the day of the event arrives we will have a full day worth of sessions ranging from databases, the latest development languages, mobile technologies, and much more. You want to see a session on that new technology you've been working with? Submit your own session! We can't do Code Camp without passionate people like you to speak.

Do you have young coders? Are you a young person interested in technology? Boise Code Camp has an all-day track of coding and technology sessions aimed at youth ages 6 to 14.

If you like the idea of a free training event and you'd like to support Boise Code Camp, then take a look at the benefits you will get from becoming a sponsor.

Code Camp is run by volunteers. Without volunteers a free event like this one cannot succeed. Whether you have a little or a lot of time to volunteer, we still need you. Here is more information.

Boise Code Camp is foremost a community event. Most of our speakers and volunteers are also active in other community groups. Connect with a group and continue the learning all year long.

Come join us!